What is

Shahdaramarket.Com is an online portal  that offers every shopkeeper, and stallholder in Shahdara & its Neighbourhood a revolutionary, yet totally cost free platform on which to showcase themselves to the people of Shahdara.

Showcase your shop, business, product or service or even any event today to our growing audience today – its 100% free!

Can my shop, business, product be listed on the website?

Any shop, business, or product or even any event which you think has the potential to serve the people of Shahdara can be listed at the website.

Our Representatives are already surveying all the markets of Shahdara to create awareness about this website and enable all the shopkeepers to provide the information of their shops or business.

The more complete & reliable the information about the shop or business is given, the more likelihood for the shop or business to get highest visibility at the website.

Why is it free? Surely nothing worth having is given away free?

If you spend a few minutes browsing the site you will see that we have created a highly advanced and valuable facility beyond anything that has been offered before and it is something we could easily charge for.

However, our vision is to get everyone on the site, not just those prepared to pay for it, which is why we have taken the bold decision to offer this breakthrough facility free of charge.

Like Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other free websites we aim to attract substantial visitor numbers and to finance the site with advertising and additional premium products and services for those who want them.

Will listing on always be free?

Like any business we will review our strategy on a periodic basis. If at some time in the future we decide that we can introduce an element of charging for premium listing only that have some special advantage over common listings on the site without impacting on our vision of near universal participation we may consider doing so. You can ensure that any such charges won’t apply to you by creating your page or profile now and locking in permanent free listings. There are also likely to be a selection of premium services made available to all members in the future. These will be chargeable but optional.

Do you provide Free Website for shops or business?

Yes, we provide 2-3 pages website for genuine shops or businesses. That too Free of Cost.

What is the address for free website?

The website is created using sub-domain of the website For example, the name of your shop is ABC, then the website address will be As stated earlier, this website will be 2-3 pages based under Free Plan.

Is there any terms & condition for Free Website?

Yes, you need to get your visiting cards (at least 500) printed on your own which should include the website address. We have set this terms and condition so that our efforts and cost should be properly utilised.

What is the advantage of website as subdomain to

The most benefit of such website is that your website will get definitely visits as will separately include the list on all the websites of shops of Shortly, the website will get good hits.

Is there any cost for domain mapping?

Domain Mapping is done at Rs.99/- as a one time cost.

What is the price of separate domain name if I purchase from your end?

Prices for Domains with different extensions are updated from time to time. To check latest price, you can visit our main website :

What offers to me as a consumer?

Whenever you want to find suppliers of products and services in your local area i.e. Shahdara, look no further than Shahdara Market directory. Day or night, we’re the Shahdara online business directory that does all the hard work for you.

Shahdara gives you so much more than just a name and address. Many of the businesses we list include useful additional information like facilities, opening times, payment methods, maps, directions, website links, photos, videos and lots of special offers.

Can I leave feedback for a shop?

We have started one feature – Vote for My Shop in the website to allow the consumer to vote for the shops they would like to recommend to others. In future, we will also be including reviews features to enable the consumers place their feedbacks too.


Do you recommend any shop or business, etc.?

Since all the information about the shops or markets are given by themselves, we do not recommend for any shop or business. It is the sole responsibility of the buyers or consumers to transact with the shops or markets or vendors at their own risk.

However, all the consumers are requested to vote for their favourite shops or service as a part of feedback of your satisfaction with their services.

We take no responsibility for the satisfactory outcome of any transaction with the shops / markets published at this website.


Can I buy an item online?

Yes, you can buy any products which are available at the website for sale. Right now, only books are available for sale and we will be extending to other categories for sale.


How do I know if a particular shop/ stallholder is standing on a given day?

For Shops, we have mentioned their business timings as informed by shop keepers. Before visiting the shops, you can contact them using the given contact details.

As for Stalls, we are yet to cover stalls and weekly markets. We will try to publish as much information as given by them.


How do I find markets, shops, products or service of my interest?

Using the search box you can specify a market category, a postcode or town you want to base the search on, the range you want to search and a search term if you want to use one.

This will display the markets which match your search if there are any. To minutely search, use the search box of or click at the Directory link at top of the website.

Similarly, you can also minutely search for product for shopping at the website by using the search box of shopping page ( Classifieds and Events are also similarly provided.


How will you attract buyers to the site?

We have a wide range of strategies to spread the word which we will roll out over the coming months. You can do your bit as well by telling your friends, colleagues and associates about us and by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


We have our own website – why do we need you?

Because we are an alternative channel to promote your business and your range that costs you nothing. If you don’t list your products on our site, our visitors won’t find you. We can bring your website additional visitors and your social media accounts additional followers at no cost and with minimal effort from yourself.


Will items listed on your pages get featured on search engines?

As the site reaches its full potential we anticipate very high rankings on search engines for Local Area of Shahdara for the majority of search terms. However, once people start to appreciate the value of the site we expect them to come here rather than search engines to find items they wish to buy.


Why isn’t my shop or business listed?

It is our vision to get every genuine market, event and stallholder onto our site, and we are making great progress in moving towards this goal.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and we have only been fully live for two months. There are many markets who are unaware of us, and many who do know about us, but haven’t yet got round to it. These markets are missing a great opportunity for them and their stallholders, so you could do them, and us a big favour by telling them about our 100% free facility and suggest they list.


We have given information about our shop. But still, it is not listed at the website. Why?

We try to maintain the genuineness of the shop to avoid any type of inconvenience to consumers who use our website for information. If the genuineness or reliability of the given information is not established properly, we do not publish the shop or business at the website. If you feel your shop as genuine and useful, please contact us with as much as reliable and genuine information.

The information of a shop or market is out of date

We are reliant on our market representatives who move around regularly to update the information of the market to keep them fresh. If someone is failing to do so please let us know and we will seek to resolve the issue. Thanks!